FoilFlakes is a self-adhesive foil that does not require additional manipulation in order to be applied. It is very thin, stretchable, and perfect for application on both flat and curved surfaces. No hot stamping, no wrinkles! In addition, every product in our catalogue can be modified or custom-made according to your needs!

Sheet sizes: 80x280mm or 190x280mm
Colour options: Silver, Gold, Holographic and Abalone.

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Cut in the shape of your lure, and apply. The gap between elements is transparent. 


Suitable for varying types of lures. Being completely customizable, the presented models are samples. 


Approximately 40-100 pairs per sheet. Upon request, some models can be Cut and Engraved on a plotter system.


Airbrush Stencils


Our collection provides you with many, many options. Not only that, every model can be adjusted to your requirements. All we need is a picture of your lure with exact measurements. The stencils are made from transparent PET (0.18mm). The material is bendable, which makes wrapping the stencils around the lure very easy. 

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Special selection including more than 300 options. Every model can be cut in the size you need. 


From micro fishing to the BIG GAME. Browse our collection to find the best option for you. 


Add volume to your scales, using the sets we specially developed. More possibilities – better effect.


Combo Sets


Get hands-on with our sets, each containing some of our most popular scales and patterns. 3 options, tailored for lures sized 40 to 120mm –  offering versatility for every lure-building project!

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SET #1

12 patterns and 3 scale models, all suited for minnow-type wobblers, jigs, soft baits, and others. Lure sizes: 40-110mm

SET #2

12 patterns and 3 scale models, all suited for minnow-type wobblers, jigs, soft baits, and others. Lure sizes: 40-110mm

SET #3

9 patterns and 3 scale models, all suited for crank-typed wobblers, jerks, spoons, and others. Lure sizes: 40-120mm


Lips for wobblers


Precisely cut on a CNC router. Made from high-quality polycarbonate by Lexan, which makes them transparent and very durable. 

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Typically, all we need from you is an assignment and a picture of your lure with exact measurements. Once you approve the design, we can work out all the details towards completing the assignment. 

We can create something for you!

Whether you have an unfulfilled idea, or you just want something brand new, we have a well-established career in the area of improvisation!

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As you conclude your exploration of our website, we extend a warm welcome to d`Effect, where our passion for lure-building, backed by years of experience, is here to support enthusiasts of all levels. Our dedication to the art, coupled with a wealth of fishing knowledge and graphic design skills, makes us your go-to destination for bespoke craftsmanship and personalized allure!

At d`Effect, we understand the unique artistry involved in lure-building. Our commitment extends beyond the ordinary, offering you the flexibility to adapt every product to your specific needs – whether it’s adjusting sizes, reshaping forms, or accommodating any other customization requirement.

For lure-builders seeking to make a purchase, we invite you to connect with us directly. Reach out via our Facebook page, Instagram, or email to initiate a conversation with our dedicated team. Your vision, paired with our craftsmanship, ensures that each piece becomes a distinctive creation, reflecting your expertise and individuality.

As a preferred destination for lure-builders from around the globe, d`Effect is honored to be part of your creative journey. Our platform is designed to inspire and collaborate, facilitating the transformation of ideas into tangible, customized works of art.

Thank you for considering d`Effect. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate with lure-builders worldwide, elevating your creations to new heights. Let’s embark on a personalized adventure together!

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